LightFighter Innovations


There is a school of thought that thinks stippling is “Gucci” and serves no real purpose. These people have probably never fought to reload a rifle with a 180bpm heart rate using only gross motor skills while pressing themselves so low to… the ground their buttons felt too thick. Anything that can give you an edge cannot, by definition, be stupid or “Gucci.” People thought red dots were “Gucci” once too. The guys over at LightFighter have taken a good magazine and are making it better. Check them out. – Aaron Cowan/Sage Dynamics

Sure there are lots of “stipple guys”. When Warrior Labs went searching for our “stippling guy”, we researched all that were available. Finding a balance between cost, attention to detail, and fast turn around. We found that in LightFighter Innovations. To date, Chris has done two projects for us for featured testing and photo shoots. Chris’s magic doesn’t stop with creating. He’s even fixed a disaster that I did on a M&P. I called crying and Chris said, “no problem”.¬†Look around, there are few that are even close to LightFighter’s work. Support the USA. Give LightFighter a call. – Warrior Laboratories

Stippling. I’ve never been a die hard fan. But I’m about to be thanks to LightFighter Innovations. This guy has incredible skill. – 47 Images Photography

Got my Glocks back today. I was a little worried because I had never seen a stippled gun and heard if it was of poor quality that my gun was ruined and the grip could become brittle and crack or the mags would not function properly. Everything works fine and the texture is exactly what I was looking for. Makes the gun a lot easier to hold for my daughters also. Keeping in contact the whole time with me was appreciated as well. I will be sending the others as budget allows. Thanks for a bad ass job! – Aaron S.